Globus and Corona
Because of the current situation with Covid-19 it will not be possible to have a big festival like Globus in Drammen. We will however do an alternative Globus which consist of a series of events spread around Drammen from the 20th to the 26th September 2021. A mini-festival will take place on Saturday the 25th of September at Knutepunkt Strømsø. 

What is Globus?
The Globus international food and culture festival is an annual festival in the city of Drammen. The festival is a celebration of the diversity of the city, and takes place at Strømsø square (just outside the Drammen train station). During the family festival you can taste food, see entertainment and try fun activities from around the world.

When is Globus?
Globus 2021 consists of a series of events spread around Drammen from the 20th to the 26th September.

Where do I buy tickets?
Entrance to the festival, the entertainment and activities is free! The only thing that costs money is the food that is served. To buy food, you first buy a booklet of 5 vouchers (175kr). 1 voucher = 1 food serving of your choice. The food vouchers can be bought in three different booths at the festival. You can pay by debit card or Vipps.

Can I bring my children?
Please do! Globus is a family friendly festival, with lots of great things for the children to do.

I want to sell food/do an activity/perform on stage!
Please read the rules for food vendors at the festival (the second page is in English): Globus regler matsalg. If you want to take part in the festival or have questions, please contact us by e-mail to